Blog Series Preview: Lust

For the first time since...our last post, we here at GraceNotes are extremely excited for what's in store as we introduce our first ever Blog Series (official name of these segments TBD).

This Wednesday and next, we will be posting a two-part series on LUST.

The Bible addresses the topic of lust 98 times throughout the Old and New Testament.  Still,  we would be hard pressed to find a sin that remains so pervasive yet so heavily addressed in the Scriptures yet so inadequately discussed in our churches.  As Christians, we believe that all sin is considered equal in God's eyes, yet there are some sins we find more acceptable or comfortable to talk about than others.  Consequently, lust remains a sin that many struggle with and one that others only find out about once it's too late.

For example, recent scandals regarding the AshleyMadison hack and revelations of who its users were dominated the news cycle for awhile.  With these revelations came public apologies and confessions that followed suit only after people were caught in their sin.  Unfortunately, when it comes to scandals like these, we can think of no shortage of similar examples involving politicians, celebrities, Christian leaders, etc. where prominent figures are caught in a sex scandal, and heartfelt apologies/tearful confessions of sin come only after they've been caught in the act.

Yet I want you to consider something: when you think about these examples of fallen figures, what gender do you generally associate with these figures?  Male, right?

Does this mean that lust is a sin that only men struggle with?  Of course not, but it does indicate a more troubling notion that male lust is properly defined and identified while female lust remains unknown and unaddressed.

Lust is an immense struggle for both men and women alike. Though the label we use for this sin is the same, the way men and women interpret, struggle, or even act upon lust is undoubtedly different.

Therefore, the two questions we want to address in our series this week and next are:

  1. What is the male and female perspective on lust?
  2. What can we do as a community of believers to help hold each other accountable and fight this sin?

Part 1: Lust and the Light will be posted this Wednesday (Oct 21) and will discuss lust from a male perspective in terms of the effects of lust in our life, how to combat the tendency to keep this struggle hidden, and why we MUST drag this sin into the light.

Part 2: Hidden Lusts and Completeness in Christ will be posted the following Wednesday (Oct 28) and will feature a female perspective on lust in terms of how women struggle with this sin and how women can guard their hearts against sin they might not even know is lust.

Our hope and prayer is that not only will this series shed light on a topic that has remained hidden for far too long, but, more importantly, we hope that this will help facilitate conversations that need to be had in order to foster a culture of Christ-centered love and accountability in our community!