A Day in the Life... of Ladies' Retreat

As many of you know, we recently held our 3rd annual Ladies' Retreat!  It's been an incredible blessing to see this part of our ministry grow, and we praise God for providing a place where sisters in all stages of life are able to come together to learn, grow, love, and share in each other's journeys through the common bond of Christ!  

For our second installment of A Day in the Life, we are so excited to have TWO glimpses into this year's Ladies' Retreat through our sister, Diana Moy's, reflections on what she learned at retreat....AND a special video recap giving us both an inside look into Ladies' Retreat AND an exclusive interview with Retreat Planner, Delimar Freire, and Retreat Speaker, Anna Moore.

"Reflections on Retreat"  by Diana Moy

Some people are afraid of heights. Or flying on planes. Or speaking in front of large crowds. But for me, as an introvert, what gets to me is being around a lot of people for long - I tend to need time to recharge.

Enter this year’s Ladies’ Retreat. As a stay-at-home mom, I readily welcomed the break from the often tiring day-to-day of taking care of a rambunctious little one--and the never-ending meals and messes to be made. And yet, I couldn’t help wondering, what will it be like eating, bunking, sharing, and serving with the same 40+ women for 24 hours?

Well, it was tiring, as can be expected for an introvert. But it was also incredibly edifying, challenging, and encouraging. I mean, how can you not be inspired by an all-pregnant worship team, serving hard just months before their due dates? Or a speaker who braved hours and hours of traffic just to be there and deliver God’s word, despite a hoarse voice?

One of the messages that most stuck with me was “Hitchhikers, Hobos, and Homebodies”, which took a look at how Jesus dealt with - and how we should deal with - people we meet along our journey. Particularly those who are hurting and who we view as interruptions and inconveniences. “When [Jesus] saw the crowds,” in Matthew 9:35-36, “he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” And in Mark 5:21-43, Jesus stops to heal the chronically bleeding woman who touches him--even as he is on his way to heal synagogue ruler Jairus’ dying daughter.

So what does this mean for you, or for me? Well, as speaker Anna Moore put it, Jesus came to seek and save those who were lost. And so should we--not viewing “interruptions” from hurting people as inconveniences, but rather as divine appointments. As a mother of a 2-year-old, I’m used to constant interruption and am often guilty of viewing my child’s babbling or repeated requests as distractions from what I am doing. Instead of trying to listen or empathize with what is going on in her world, small as it may seem to me.

I’m thankful for the efforts of Anna Moore - and her going out of her way - to care for and challenge us. And I’m encouraged to do the same for the brothers, sisters, and kids at Maranatha. Please keep me accountable, and thanks to all who lifted the Ladies’ Retreat in prayer.

"Video Recap: MGFL 3rd Annual Ladies Retreat"  by Nina Tsuei

If any of you ladies were not able to make it out to this year's retreat, we sincerely hope and pray that you can make it out to next year's!  In the meantime, our Maranatha Ladies' Meetings take place every month.  If you are at all interested in joining or finding out more information, please contact Diane Kwak, at dianekwak@gmail.com