The Epistle of Galatians: Here We Stand


The title of our series, "Here We Stand," is a play on the iconic words that the great German reformer, Martin Luther, may not have actually spoken before the Diet of Worms: “Here I stand; I can do no other” (at least this is what some scholars hold to be true).

Whether these were his words or merely a later insertion, what can’t be denied is Luther’s resolve to stand firm, risking life and limb, after his teaching was decreed by Pope Leo X as being a “poisonous virus.” His experience of amazing grace that brought him into a right standing and reconciled relationship with Almighty God was entirely by faith alone in Christ alone. Upon conversion, his life became a passionate pursuit of writing, teaching, preaching, and translating the glorious truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Galatians, Paul compassionately addresses the churches and Gentiles in Galatia as they fell into the bondage of legalism and struggled with trying to earn salvation through works rather than grace through faith.  Though we are 5,000 miles away and 2,000 years removed from this ancient Gentile region in north central Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey), apart from the righteousness of Jesus Christ, we stand precariously on the same shifting sands of sin that astonishingly mislead us into thinking we can earn God’s favor and make our way to Him.

"We stand precariously on the same shifting sands of sin..."

In these short six chapters, the Apostle Paul will bring us face to face not only with profound theological concepts but with the risen Savior and Lord, Jesus Himself!

As we journey through this dynamic letter of Galatians, let us feel the reverberations of Gospel joy and freedom that bring us true satisfaction, security, and significance—the life of blessing God calls us to.

Let us consider what led Martin Luther to declare the words: "Here I stand" in the face of difficulty, and through our study of Galatians, may we be able to find that same Gospel-centered resolve proclaiming, "Here we stand."