Summer Seminar Series - Evangelism: Preview


This 10 letter word elicits a variety of responses in the believer’s psyche.

It strikes fear in the heart of some who dread the idea of sharing about the foolishness of the Cross to that Muslim friend, that belligerently anti-christian co-worker, or worse yet, that family member at the annual Thanksgiving gathering.

Others experience guilt knowing they fall so short in their evangelistic endeavors. And to make matters worse, they’re well aware that their pastor is due to preach a message that will leave them teeter-tottering on the brink of condemnation for not being more boldly faithful in their Gospel witness.

Still others get so ramped up at the prospect of winning a soul on that flight from New York to San Jose that they fervently pray God would seat them next to a non-Christian (I admittedly often pray for a seat next to an empty seat).

And then there are those who are so focused on defeating a heathen foe in an apologetics debate that they forget evangelism is all about Christlike compassion.

Where do you fall in this spectrum of responses? Are you like me and mildly 'schizophrenic' in your attitude towards and practices of evangelism?

This year's summer seminar series will explore answers to such questions that get at the 'what', the 'whys', the 'hows', and the 'who' of biblical evangelism.

  • So precisely who should be doing the work of an evangelist? Is evangelism a gift from God or a decree that we too often disobey?
  • How do we engage in it faithfully as individuals? As a church? Should it be accomplished programmatically or is it a culture we need to build and strive for?
  • And what’s the difference between evangelism and apologetics?

There is so much to learn so let’s gather to be equipped as we seek to bring the Gospel to bear upon our lives.

-Pastor Won

*We kickoff this 3-part summer seminar series this Wednesday evening, 8pm at 360 Sylvan (arrive 7:30pm for refreshments | childcare will begin at 8pm).