Everest VBS 2015: Midweek Update

What do ravens, leprosy, and the highest mountain on Earth have in common?

Everest VBS 2015 is in full swing!

While it is a great challenge to climb Mt. Everest, Earth's highest mountain, we are learning this week that God has mighty power, and with Him, we can conquer any challenge.
We have learned that God has the power to provide (HOLD ON!) and He can command even a raven to give food to His children when there is no food in sight (1 Kings 17). 

We also learned that God has the power to heal (HOLD ON!) and He can heal not only our bodies when we are sick and in pain, but He can also heal our hearts of sin and pride through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ (2 Kings 5).

What else can God's mighty power do? And how can we know this mighty God? 

Join us on this exciting expedition! Families and friends are invited to the VBS Finale tomorrow night at 7PM at 360 Sylvan Ave. We will share what we learned in song and in motion! Dessert reception to follow.