MGFL Murals: Justin Moy

MGFL Murals is our semi-regular video segment where we give you a glimpse into the culture and people of Maranatha Grace through short testimonials. Our aim is that, over time, you will begin to see a beautiful mural of people who make up our church  people from all different backgrounds and all different walks of life, yet who are all sinners in need of saving grace.

In this week's MGFL Murals, meet our resident actor, Justin Moy! Justin gets into character... As HIMSELF! He also shares with us how he first found Maranatha and why he decided to stick around to be a part of our church and community.

There's much more to his story, so if you see him at Maranatha or elsewhere, make sure to say hello! Who knows maybe you'll get him to reveal some of his acting trade secrets!