3rd Annual Ladies' Retreat: Joy in the Journey

This weekend many of our ladies will be spending time together, away from their usual responsibilities and activities. For but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things, they will 'retreat' for focused learning, fellowship, growing, eating, praying, and playing. They retreat seeking to be re-invigorated, re-calibrated, and refreshed for what they will face as they return to the day-to-day. And they do so all for God's glory and honor, as well as for their joy which in turn also brings God glory!

A few things I'd like to remind all of us to do in light of this wonderful opportunity:


Let's remember to pray for our sisters.

Let's pray for salvation for those who may not know the redemption of Christ and sanctification for those that do.

Let's pray that existing relational bonds would be strengthened, new friendships formed, and strained relationships healed and reconciled.

Let's pray for their speaker, Anna Moore from North Shore Baptist Church, as she shares wisdom and insight gleaned from a lifetime of being a God-fearing wife (a pastor's wife), mother (and now grandmother!), and a sister to many.


Let's help make their time away, and even the thought of being away, anxiety/stress-free. Sure, we're culpable for our sins of worrying and unbelief. But certainly there are outside factors that push such things out of their/our hearts. Don't be that factor.

Brothers and husbands, let's support them in this and really seek to serve them before, during, and after the retreat. Help them pack for the retreat by caring for the kiddies. Why not grab some takeout and bring it home to free them up from tonight's dinner prep? Ok...too late for that now but you get the drift, right?

Take them by the hand tonight and pray with them and remind them of your love and the Savior's love. Be a blessing to your wife and bless her as she goes to the retreat. When your wives or sisters return, ask them what they learned and what they especially enjoyed during the retreat. In doing so, you will help make the retreat more than just a momentary spiritual 'high.'

If you're tempted to think, "hey, it's only an overnight," don't. You may not realize how much work is entailed in organizing such an outing. A few of the ladies have already done much of the heavy lifting in terms of retreat preparation (great thanks to Liz, Kristina, Delimar, Diane, and others!) so let's lessen their load by helping in whatever possible way we can.


My hopes are that they would go expecting much from the God who is faithful and true. May they (and we) remember the God who vows to finish the amazing work He's begun in their lives. I have no doubt this retreat will be used for the progressive, inward sanctification of our MGFL sisters.


~Pastor Won


*If there is anyone who is on the fence about attending the retreat, please just go. Please do not risk what you may miss out on. And it certainly isn't too late to invite someone who may need to hear wonderful Gospel-centered teaching (I have read the session titles/themes and materials, and I so wish I could go!). Register here.

**If there is any circumstance or need (e.g. lack of childcare) that is preventing you from attending, please let me/us know.