Confessions of a Wannabe Spy

On Tuesday, September 15, at 7:30PM, we will be hosting a prayer meeting at 360 Sylvan Ave. focusing on prayer specifically for North Korea.  When it comes to North Korea, not many people know much about its inner workings outside of  the fact that it is an extremely isolated country with a man named Kim Jong Un running the show.  However, that is not to say that the Gospel is not at work in North Korea nor does it mean that North Korea is not in need of prayer!  Today, our Deacon of Missions, Mihye Kim, reflects on how her dreams of evangelical espionage turned into a passion for prayer and what we can do as Christians to love on North Korea through prayer.

I have fantasized about working a covert operation to take down leaders of a certain hermit nation, much like the antagonist in the film, Shiri. Because where is the justice in a megalomaniacal leader and his ingratiating progeny ruthlessly oppressing millions of people - abusing them in disturbing and unimaginable ways - while simultaneously coercing their worship of him and his regime? 

Maybe such a fantasy isn't actually a helpful response to a 70-year long situation that still befuddles the world powers...but natural nonetheless. Natural because I, along with millions of superhero fans in the world, want to be heroes and believe that eliminating the bad guy is the good and true solution.

So when my brother invited me, about ten years ago, to a monthly meeting to pray for North Korea, I followed with intrigue and skepticism. What in the world would prayer do? Would it alleviate the people's suffering and liberate them? Don’t we just need to get rid of the bad guys in this particular situation? Truth be told, it took me years to abandon my fantasy (and stop calculating life plans around it) because in my mind, it was a worthwhile endeavor, especially if prayer didn’t work.

I cannot explain what our prayers have accomplished for North Korea because I do not honestly know. But I DO know that over the past ten years, a small group of believers, now friends, who pray once a month for God’s will to be done and God’s kingdom to come in North Korea, are still praying together and pressing on for Jesus. One praying friend is living and working in China now and some of us have visited the Northeast China/North Korea region on short-term trips.   

We have each learned to relinquish control and are learning to trust God with a matter as perplexing as North Korea. And as such, we are learning to do the same with our everyday, mundane concerns. Pastor Rob explains the outworking of prayer in this way:

“As we bring our needs to God—and we do so actively, patiently, and persistently—we’ll grow deeper in our experience and understanding of him as our Father. We’ll learn to trust him, we’ll learn how dependent we are on him, and we’ll also find that he is willing and able to give us good things—the things we need.”

God has already given us the ultimate good in Jesus Christ, the ultimate Hero who has defeated our ultimate enemy and meets our ultimate need; surely, we can trust Him as nations and leaders rise and fall and as He rends our hearts to pray for the people He loves.

So please join us at our next prayer meeting for North Korea on Tuesday, September 15 at 7:30 pm at 360 Sylvan Ave. Feel free to invite others and as always, kids are welcome.

-Mihye Kim