MG Reach: Jamaica Mission Trip 2016

Pastor Won and our church sending off the Jamaica Mission Team

Pastor Won and our church sending off the Jamaica Mission Team

Praise God for Maranatha's first mission trip of the year and second mission trip (and hopefully many more!) to be featured on this blog as our Jamaica Mission Team heads to Jamaica TODAY!

Brief background: Unlike our last trip to India, this is not an exploratory mission trip.  We are partnering with our mother church, North Shore Baptist Church, out in Bayside, Queens, who has been going out and serving Jamaica for close to 30 years!  (And we've been privileged to serve alongside them for the past 5).

Our goal with MG Reach is to create and sustain ongoing relationships while being open to the different avenues of serving wherever we are sent, and we are striving to do the same with this Jamaica Mission Trip.  

This year, we are so blessed to be sending out a team of singles, and father/son duos and trios which includes: Joanna Villegas; Ricky and Noah Chae; Stephen and Jonathan Lim;  and Tom, Timothy and Noah Yuen!

As our team embarks on this trip, our brother, Ricky Chae, has written a brief testimony on how God led him to go on this year's trip with his son, Noah!

The team at JFK airport en route to Jamaica

The team at JFK airport en route to Jamaica

Today, our team will embark to Jamaica for a short-term mission trip at Buff Bay with North Shore Baptist Church. I’m both excited and anxious to see how God is working there. It seems as if it were yesterday when we came to MGFL last summer. Time has really passed quickly!

Our family has been blessed in many ways, and so when we heard about the Jamaica mission trip, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ on the mission field with our new church family. My wife, Sujeong, and I asked our oldest son, Noah, if he would be interested in going as well... but he thought we were kidding at first.  We weren't.  We told him to take some time to think and pray about his decision, and after a couple of days, he surprisingly said that he would like to go and help if he could!  He said that it would be a good experience for him to go to a new country and experience what missionary work is all about.  (He added that it would be good to be away from Caleb for a little bit so that he would appreciate him more).

Praise God that He's given us this opportunity to be on the mission field with our church family and together as father and son!

Please pray that God will provide safety for our team during our travels, for the missionaries who are serving there, and especially for the many Jamaicans who need Jesus and haven’t had the opportunity to hear the Gospel or experience His Amazing Grace.

-Ricky Chae