MG Reach: Jamaica Missions Update

Hey everyone, as the team has been busy serving the people of Jamaica, they have not been as available to provide extensive updates.  To be honest, we know that sometimes these posts can get a bit lengthy but praise God for our man of few words but many actions, Dr. Tom Yuen for providing this short, concise, but comprehensive update and for Ricky Chae for providing some pictures!

Writing this message while waiting for patients.  We've had a great week so far.  Been busy at clinic but not overwhelming.  Was impressed seeing Joann step up and help out with the clinic but also she has been leading a woman's small group with the discipleship program.  Boys have been doing a great job whether it's directing traffic at the clinic, teaching kids at VBS, singing in front of groups, encouraging other youth or just praying/ reading the Bible out loud.   The dads might be having a better time than kids.  I think each of us have enjoyed the team devotions and rotating through the men's discipleship class.

-Tom Yuen