Cultivating Contentment Together: An Invitation to Ladies Retreat 2017

Women are busy. Sometimes, painfully busy. And that’s true for all stages and phases of a woman’s life—single or married, moms, working professionals, students. Amidst the busyness that marks the lives of most women these days, contentment can be a struggle — even when that busyness comes from good things, like having a home, a family, a good job, and pursuing an education.

So what does contentment look like in the life of a believing woman? How do we resist the temptation to compare our lives to that of other women and instead approach our own lives with contentment and gratitude, no matter what season we are in? 

In just a few short weeks, the ladies of Maranatha Grace Church will spend a weekend away at the lovely Solid Rock Day Camp in West Milford, NJ, learning about "Cultivating Contentment that Glorifies God" with featured writer and speaker, Mrs. Jodi Ware. Jodi’s reviews and writings have been featured on places like The Gospel Coalition. 

Naturally, this means that Jodi has all the answers. She will zap us with contentment. We will never be discontented or disappointed again. Gratitude and satisfaction will radiate from our faces like beams of glorious light.

Or, Jodi will lovingly show us the way to contentment through Christ, and remind us of the precious truths of Scripture — that “godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim. 6:6)

Through crazy and busy schedules, it’s a worthy use of our time to step away for a day (and a night) and be equipped with the tools we need to pursue holiness and contentment through God’s word, and help to disciple one another in this truth. The thought of retreating with a bunch of women for 24 full hours of singing and discussion might sound delightful to some and utterly terrifying to others. But we promise it’s worth the short trip. It’s fun. It’s edifying. And there’s good food involved. 

Here’s what some of the lovely ladies of MGC had to say about why you should attend this year’s retreat: 

“It's a great way to get to know other ladies; to spend time away from the world and normal life and to literally retreat from daily duties and get away and focus on God.” - Liz
“You should go to the women's retreat to get to know or deepen your relationships with sisters you may not have many opportunities to interact with.” - Nina
“I attend the retreats for fun times and good fellowship with sisters. One of my favorite things in the past is singing and sharing by the fire.” - Elaine
“It's a wonderful time to get to know the ladies of our church better—bond with some, and get to know others for the first time. It is a concentrated time of relationship building that we don't get at any other time of the year, and it’s really helpful if you are feeling lonely or unknown. Now is your chance to know and be known within your community!” - Grace

We hope you’ll join us at this year’s retreat. More details (including cost and scholarship information for students) will be provided soon. But in the meantime, be sure to sign up here, and if you have any questions, any of the ladies of Maranatha will be happy to help. 

And if you still need some convincing, check out the blog post and video from last year's gathering. It's sure to seal the deal. :-)