Youth on a Mission

This week, a valiant group of MGC youth loaded into the church van and headed off to Cleveland for a week of ministry. They’ve spent this week helping run Vacation Bible School (VBS) at a local church, but they’ve also been out and about the city of Cleveland, connecting with others and sharing the Gospel. You can read about their individual experiences below and get a picture of their work this week. As you read, please pray for MGC’s youth, the city of Cleveland and the local churches there. As you see our youth, please ask them about their time in Cleveland. Let’s learn from and encourage our youth!

Madelyn K.  

When we visited our ministry site, Grace and True Love Church, for the first time this past Sunday, we were faced with a very old, rundown building, covered in moss and weeds. Some of the rooms inside were completely demolished, being prepared to undergo a very slow process of rebuilding. For the germophobes in our group, it came as a shock when there was no soap at all in either the one small bathroom or the kitchen. During the closing prayer of service, a large ceiling board completely fell off and hit the floor (thankfully no one was hurt), and none of the people worshipping even batted an eye. 

However, it's been a blessing for me to see how the small congregation has such a great love for Jesus and each other. Although their church facility is (quite literally) falling apart, they are so filled with joy when worshipping the Lord and hopefulness in what he's doing in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of their church. This has definitely shown me how much I take for granted (even soap in our church bathrooms!) and how much the Lord has blessed our church in providing for us and growing us (both spiritually and in numbers). I'm so thankful for Grace and True Love's warm welcome and kindness to us, and I'm praying that we can continue to serve hard and be a blessing to them for the rest of this week. Miss you, MGC! 

Stephanie L. 

This week has definitely been a week full of ups and downs, but I'm incredibly thankful that I was able to be a part of this opportunity. Even though the VBS was full of unexpected twists--with Pastor Lane being sick on the first day of VBS and the group having to go into helping having very little information--I'm very thankful that it has been a success. The first day we didn't have any idea how many kids were going to be participating, but with four eager-to-learn kids and the group having a lot of patience, we were able to teach them about God and the Gospel. Through working with the VBS, I have been able to learn that the best way to serve is by serving with God first and going with the flow. I think that even though we may not know 100% what is happening, we need to trust in God and just do our best. My prayer request: I want to pray that we continue working hard and keep God first, because it can be a struggle when we have so much going on.  

Joseph L. 

Today I will tell you what I am thankful for, what I learned, and share a prayer request. I am thankful for a nice building to stay in. I learned that everyone has a purpose in life and that God makes zero mistakes. And my prayer request is that the rest of the week will go smoothly and nothing bad happens.  

Bethany K. 

Serving in Cleveland has been such a joy! I'm really thankful that even though the VBS we are serving at only has four kids coming, the VBS has been very successful. It has been amazing playing with and teaching the kids at Grace and True Love Baptist Church! I also loved learning how to be more caring for the kids through the older youth around me. Please pray that I would have patience with the kids throughout the remainder of this week.  

Noah Y. 

PREPARE FOR AWESOME.  That's what should have been on the participant form. If you didn't already know, I, along with 5 other youth, and 3 youth leaders, are in Cleveland on a missions trip. As I'm writing this, it's already the 5th day out of 7. I hope y'all had a great 4th of July. My time here has been amazing. One (of many) things I am thankful for is the VBS kids. The kids are so much fun to be with. Their excitement and energy is great, and I love the one-on-one conversations since there are only 4 of them.  One thing (again, of many) I've learned is how limitless God's love is. Wiith daily morning devotions and evening gatherings, we are learning more and more.  A prayer request for me is to keep the kids at VBS wanting to learn more by setting a good example and showing them the limitless love of God. Thank y'all for tuning into the MGC Blog. It was an honor writing to you.  

Tim Y.  

Tim here and I would like to say "hello" from Cleveland!! It's our fifth day here and we're having an amazing time. I've been learning and experiencing a lot here. Both the church we're staying at and the church we're serving have been such a blessing to us. The church body here has been providing for us very well and we're all extremely grateful. It's been an awesome week with lots of hard work and bonding. Would love to talk to you guys more about it when we get back! Please pray that we'll have a great last two days and that we'll be able to bless all the people we're working with. Thanks again for all the prayer and support!