A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life... of Ladies' Retreat

For our second installment of A Day in the Life, we are so excited to have TWO glimpses into this year's Ladies' Retreat through our sister, Diana Moy's, reflections on what she learned at retreat....AND a special video recap giving us both an inside look into Ladies' Retreat AND an exclusive interview with Retreat Planner, Delimar Freire, and Retreat Speaker, Anna Moore.

A Day in the Life ... of Nancy Yan

Today, we are excited to introduce A Day in the Life, a new segment where members of our church community share snapshot testimonies of their life.  One of our foundational goals for GraceNotes has always been to connect our readers, both within and outside of Maranatha, to Maranatha’s culture in a Gospel-centered and personal way.  We want people to see what we’re like, to know who we are, and to hear stories of how God works in His church and in His people.  Romans 12:15 calls us to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep, and the best way to know who to rejoice or weep with is by sharing in each other’s lives.

A Day in the Life intends to give you a deeper look into Maranatha’s culture by allowing people to share testimonies not just of salvation, but of reflections on their joys, struggles, lessons, and perspectives in their everyday lives. As God has grown our church, He has given us a great diversity in ethnicity, career, age, and background, and in this segment, we want to not only highlight this diversity but, more importantly, highlight how God uses each one of us broken sinners in different ways for our good and His glory!

And for our first A Day in the Life, we are so blessed to have our sister, Nancy Yan share a bit about what God has recently been doing in her life.