Maranatha Moments

A Day in the Life... of Ladies' Retreat

For our second installment of A Day in the Life, we are so excited to have TWO glimpses into this year's Ladies' Retreat through our sister, Diana Moy's, reflections on what she learned at retreat....AND a special video recap giving us both an inside look into Ladies' Retreat AND an exclusive interview with Retreat Planner, Delimar Freire, and Retreat Speaker, Anna Moore.

Love is Patient


Constant wakings, whimpers-turned wails, projectile poops — I'm convinced, are part of God's crash course to sanctification. Joking aside, caring for newborns seem to have a way of teaching us how to display God's love when we're tired, busy or flustered. Maranatha member and new mom Cindy Yip writes a lovely entry on how her little one is teaching her patience. Here's her entry:

Maranatha Moments: Kimchi Koinonia


My family and I have been attending Maranatha for a little over a year and in that time, we've been blessed by many brothers and sisters over many meals. I've seen how koinónia, the New Testament Greek for "fellowship" or "community", is a vital part of the vision of the church -- the pastors preach it and the members live it.