Transcultural Outpost

The Gospel & Politics: Sermon Outline

Politics. It's been a confusing subject for me ever since junior high school, when my sisters and I would watch the evening news with our father and discuss it over the dinner table. I knew it was a realm full of strong opinions and heated debate, but I had no idea which opinions were right. Sure, studying it in college gave me tons of information about it, but it didn't do much to help clear up the confusion, or to help me understand what God thought about politics or how I should think about it. 

Being a Multi-Generational Church: Nine Lessons from the Pastoral Epistles

It’s a beautiful thing to see how God has grown Maranatha from its roots of being a baby churchplant started by a balding, middle-aged, uncultured family man and using him to lead a rag-tag group of much younger-aged men who wore jeans that were all too tight & skinny and listened to John Mayer and Coldplay all the day long.  

Lions, Babies and the Imago Dei

This past week, like many of you, I witnessed a lot of outrage over the death of a lion named Cecil. Granted, he wasn’t just any lion. He had a name and a lot of fans. I have to admit I was disgusted by the photographs and by the story of how Cecil had been lured, shot, and tracked. I’m no hunter, and I’m not particularly inclined to kill animals (if we don’t count bugs!), so the indignation struck me as understandable, albeit excessive. What struck me as really interesting, though, was not so much the indignation over Cecil, but what seems to me like a relative lack of indignation over other ongoing injustices that are far more deserving of our attention and concern.

Sermon Series Preview: “The Transcultural Outpost”


Over the next five Sundays, we will focus on one basic question: How do we, as children of God, live as citizens of the transcultural outpost in a way that is winsome to a confused world swirling in gender, socio-economic, generational, ethnic, and political strife?