Christian Life Courses (CLC) are aimed at helping attendees establish a strong theological foundation by means of sound biblical teaching on a variety of important topics. CLCs are also aimed at helping us learn to live out the Christian life in practical ways by providing in-depth, biblical instruction that may not be possible during a Corporate Worship Gathering—instruction that allows for group discussion, questions, and application. As we take these courses together, our hope is that we’ll grow to more fully understand the beautiful truths of Scripture, and we’ll learn to follow Christ in light of these truths.

*Contact: Pastor Jon Anzardo 

Past Courses

Spring 2019

Epistle of 1 John

Instructor: Pastor Ed Lin

Fall-Winter 2018

Gospel Foundations

Instructor: Peter Park

Hebrews - Part 2

Instructor: Pastor Jon Anzardo

Spring 2018

Basic Christianity

Instructor: Peter Park, Jonny Singh

Hebrews - Part 1

Instructor: Pastor Jon Anzardo

Spring 2017


Instructor: Daniel Lee

Spring 2016

Christianity Explained

Instructor: Daniel Lee

Fall-Winter 2015

Systematic Theology

Instructor: Daniel Lee

Biblical Counseling

Instructor: Rob Freire