The Gospel of Grace – Ill-deserved, scandalous grace given to us through Jesus’ perfect life, substitutionary death and bodily resurrection

Transformation – Radical change from the inside-out

Intimacy in Community – Deep, reconciled relationships with God and one another

Servanthood – Compassion and mercy for others both within and without our community of faith

Thoughtful Engagement – Connecting with people within our cultural context with discernment

Joy & Generosity in Mission – Living with willing feet and open hearts and hands as we remember our missionary Savior


Maranatha Grace holds to essential orthodox Christian beliefs as expressed in the historic creeds of our faith—the Apostles’ Creed & the Nicene Creed—as well as contemporary confessions of faith such as the Confessional Statement of The Gospel Coalition, the Affirmations & Denials of Together for the Gospel, and The Baptist Faith & Message 2000.