VISION 2020: 2 Church Plants by 2020

Who plants a church during an economic recession?

God does.

The New Testament ministry strategy in the book of Acts is rather straightforward: Gospel-Centered Church Planting. The Apostle Paul never evangelizes and disciples without planting churches. So wherever the Gospel was preached, congregations where new believers could gather to experience fellowship, community, and mission were formed.

We believe God has called us to a unique and important work in a specific time and a strategic place. We believe God has called us to plant a church in the Fort Lee, NJ area. And this call to mission did not occur in a vacuum. Prayer, counsel, and confirmation have been the means through which God has providentially brought the many of us together on this church planting endeavor “for such a time as this.”


Los Angeles, CA


For VISION 2020, one of our elders at Maranatha, Peter Park, and his family recently moved back to Los Angeles, CA to plant a church. Gospel City Church is one of the only two SBC NAMB church plants in the City of Los Angeles which is the second biggest city in the U.S. with 4 million people.

Gospel City Church exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is fulfilled by upside-down sacrificial love and brings inside-out transformation within us (Col. 1:15-21) to seek the welfare of the City (Jer. 29:4-7). They are actively recruiting like-minded people who are willing to serve His Kingdom together.

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